5 Proven Ways to Extend The Life of your Carpet

A good look carpet adds a lot of warmth and finesse to an apartment. It gives the house or the room the appearance it needs in the right proportion. That proportion is the most exposed to dirt and pollutants if not regularly looked after.

To evade carpet cleaning on a daily basis is to make it more susceptible to trapping different types of germs, dead skin, and organic wastes deep within itself which becomes difficult to get rid of at times.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Let’s Look at Some Ways We Can Extend The Carpet’s Life:

  • Know your Carpet Type –

    Unless you know whether your carpet is high-piled or low-piled, textured or patterned, nylon or sheepskin, you will be unable to apply the right approach while cleaning. The only way to employ adequate cleaning is to know the material used in your carpet. Once you have established that, you will be able to determine the type of carpet cleaning that needs to be put in action.

  • Vacuum Frequently –

    Most of us are busy with our work life schedule and could not fathom cleaning our carpets as necessary all the time. Therefore, giving your carpet time to become a breeding ground for germs, and grime that will eventually cause your carpet to lose the quality of its fibers. Ideally, a carpet is cleaned depending on the footfalls it gets everyday. As a personal measure, you can consider vacuuming it once a week.

  • Take The Dirt Away from The Surface –

    To extend the longevity of your carpet, consider not wearing shoes at home and placing a cleaning mat at each side of the front door to reduce the quality of dirt from entering your house. Practising this with family members and guests will have added advantage to it.

  • Remove Stains As You Get Them –

    As soon as you get your carpet stained, rush to grab a towel or a piece of cloth soaked cold water, and place it on the stain gently. This will prevent the stain from reaching the fibers deep within the fibers. Try not to rub it or spread it all over thinking it should fade out, you will end up smudging more areas. Instead try some home-made stain removal solutions like vinegar and water.

Get It Cleaned Professionally

Carpets need daily care as well as a visit from a professional carpet cleaning in Canberra at least once every six months in order to keep it from causing air-borne allergies and respiratory infections.

Professional cleaners use powerful tools and state-of-the-art methods to clean your carpet so that it sustains for a longer time.

These ideas will help you maintain your carpet for a longer time. Professional cleaning takes care of many things including bad odors and tough stains that won’t go off with regular vacuum cleaning. In case you are still troubled with any carpet cleaning woes, get in touch with us at 0488 852 699 today and seek an advantageous solution for your Carpet Cleaning woes.

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